Our goal at Keyboard Exchange International is to provide the BEST VALUE and the LOWEST COST per year during the coming decades you will own a restored Hammond with Leslie purchased from us. However, these goals may not always render the lowest up front price. Try to think long term, like we do, about your Hammond with Leslie purchase. There are many parts in a 50 year old Hammond organ. (We do not let the age of these find instruments concern us, when we compare to a 300 year old Stradivarius violin) After 50 years there are electronic parts and wiring that need to be changed. Our philosophy is to change those parts that have worn out, dried out, or decayed over the first 50 years, AND to add improvements learned in the last 50 years,to get the instruments ready for the NEXT 50 years!

There is no reason why a properly restored Hammond B3 and Leslie 122 speaker could not be 100 years old some day, with proper restoration and maintenance. I would even suggest 200 or 300 years with proper maintenance and occasional restoration. Why not? The Stradivarius instruments have already proved that this is possible!

Fortunately, the B3 and C3 instruments, the most popular models, and a small few others, were "over engineered" in a time when planned obsolescence was not yet conceived. In the 1950's and 60's and prior, things were made to the highest standards. In the case of the Hammond B3, these instruments are true American made treasures! Do not be fooled by a cheap price only! Our ZERO interest financing option can make buying from us easy and affordable and our lease to own plan is even easier! Consider your purchase an investment in your musical future or the future and quality of your worship experience if you are buying for your church.

Still not sure? Perhaps our rent, with option to buy, would help convince you that there is nothing in the world that compares to a properly restored Hammond B3 organ with Leslie speaker.

  • If you prefer a NEW Leslie speaker that is an option.
  • Two Leslies....a second Leslie is an option.
  • If you prefer all new electronics in a fully restored vintage B3..that is an option.
  • If you need a transpose system on a REAL B3 that is an up grade option!
  • Bass output direct to your sub-woofers...YES!
  • Fused system to protect your investment...YES
    (Do not purchase a vintage hammond that has not been fused!)
  • Certified FOAM FREE.....YES!
    (Do not purchase a vintage hammond that has foam issues in the keyboards!)
  • New Internal and External AC Wiring...YES!
    (Do not purchase a vintage hammond with the original internal AC wiring! All organs sold by Keyboard Exchange International have new internal and external AC wiring!)
After over 50 years in the Hammond and Leslie business of sales and restoration, we have learned many things. Allow our experience and genuine appreciation for these fine instruments benefit you as your decide where you will prefer to purchase your Hammond with Leslie.

Warranty and extended warranty programs available and even included with most purchases. Ask us for details.

If you are outside of the USA and want a Hammond from a reputable dealer...consider the fact that we have exported thousands of Hammonds over the years! Therefore we well understand the complexities of shipping and converting the organs for your electrical system and can walk you through all the details to make this easy for you! Our export shipping agent will introduce you to an agent in your area to guide you though the import details.

Whatever you require, wherever you are located, whenever you are ready...we are here to be of service to you!

We are sometimes asked why prices are higher on our instruments than instruments found on Craig's list or ebay or in a local music store or even from someone's garage where a collector is offering an instrument that has only been dusted off. The difference is in the restoration process that will make the instruments you purchase from us last a very long time. A proper restoration will be your best long term investment and your annual costs will be the lowest in the long run.

Do not be penny wise and pound foolish. Understand that the key to highest value will be in obtaining a properly restored instrument from a reputable expert. We stock all the parts required for a proper restoration and to support our warranty and extended warranty programs. We service what we sell or restore, and give our customers outstanding support after the sale. Once you purchase, or lease an instrument from Keyboard Exchange International, you become our life long customer and we are here with parts and technical advise as required.

We are also pleased to offer our full restoration services to you if you already own a Hammond with Leslie. We can advise you if your model is worthy of restoration. For some models it is simply not practical to do a full restoration and a trade in may be the better option. We will be pleased to provide you with several options to allow you to choose the one that best suits your situation.

We are proud to work on these fine instruments. We ask everyone who has a Hammond B3 or C3 to take good care of it for yourself and future generations. The names Hammond, Leslie, and Stradivarius are associated with high quality musical instruments and we wish for this association to only grow stronger over the course of time!

Contact us if you have a Hammond B3 or Leslie for sale, or you know of one for sale. HELP US SAVE THE B3'S !