Hammond B3 Organ
Attention: Does your church need a Hammond organ with Leslie for that B3 sound?
Guaranteed financing available for COGIC, AME, MBC and some other church denominations. These church groups, due to their rich and long term heritage are pre-approved for at least one of our eight funding or lease to own programs! If you want your denomination added to our pre-approved list, contact us for more details.
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Hammond B3 Organ

After 50 years of buying, selling, and restoring Hammond B3 organs with Leslie 122 speakers, and similar model Hammond organs that sound the same, we at Keyboard Exchange International have learned that financing is as important to our customers as a great sounding and great looking Hammond B3 with Leslie! Price, value quality, condition, warranty, service after the sale, friendly service are all important. Financing options are equally important for the best possible value. Some of our plans are ZERO interest! After meeting with hundreds of pastors, music ministers, organists, and church committees over our many years in business, we have developed a financing plan for everyone who really wants and needs a restored Hammond organ with Leslie. We are 100% confident that we will find a financing plan that works for you! Study the options offered, and let us know which is best for you. Also, it is important to understand that your old equipment, if models worthy of restoration, can serve as a down payment toward the purchase of a newly restored Hammond with Leslie. Let us know the model of what you have, or simply send a few pictures so we can determine the potential trade in value of your current Hammond with Leslie. Restoration of your old equipment is an option but generally it is more practical to trade in. We can discuss the program that would best fit your needs. One of these programs is financing through Marlin Equipment Financing. You can submit an online application to begin the process.

Financing Information

Pastor’s Choice
  • Pastor’s choice is a unique financing option requested by other pastors over the years.
  • It works like this: a pastor has an idea of the payments they would like to pay on a monthly basis and if it’s reasonable with a down payment, we can work something out.
In-House Financing
  • If you are financing through us, we don’t charge you any interest, only that we require you are covered by our extended warranty, which would be included in the payments.
    • All our organs come with a 90-day warranty.
    • $675/year or roughly $56/month.
  • Most start up churches find it difficult to obtain financing, but with a preferred 50% down payment, we can finance in house.
Zero Down
  • Looking to have a Hammond organ in your church without any money up front? There is an outside financing company we use that could provide you with financing, but financing charges will apply. Check with lender for more details.
Cash Payment
  • If you choose to pay the total in cash or with a church check, we can offer a 4% cash discount.
  • Most credit card companies charge between 2.5% and 4% per transaction, so by eliminating the use of a card we can keep the savings in your pocket.
  • This also applies to final payments if financed in-house. Payoff the balance early with cash or church check and receive a 4% discount on the remaining balance.
  • Trade-in your current organ and take a portion of the price off to get something that will sound amazing and last a long time.
  • Similar to buying a new car at a dealership, just trade in your old organ and pay the difference.
  • Unable to afford the 50% down payment? Just send a consistent agreed upon payment each month until you reach that 50% and we can move forward with getting you a Hammond organ
Financing Options

Pre-Approved Denominations
  • Church of God in Christ (COGIC)
  • African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME)
  • Auxiliaries in Ministry (AIM)
  • Church of the Living God (CWFF)