The only difference is the furniture style only, the insides are the same. Please feel watch our YouTube video on this subject in further detail - The Difference between the Hammond B3 and C3 model organ

There are many reasons that there could be a difference. Some of these include the acoustical setting where you heard the organs, the Leslie speaker that was attached, but mostly the condition of the organ and how it has been maintained over the years. Now that these organs are an average age of 60 years old, most need a complete internal restoration

This is best determined by sending us some pictures of what you have and telling us what you require. Often it is much more practical to trade in your old equipment for equipment that is fully restored, better physical condition than the current condition of your organ, and can be easily financed. However, if there are sentimental reasons for keeping your current equipment, then restoration should be considered. Keyboard Exchange International will carefully outline the options available and let you decide which plan suits your needs best.

Yes we do, but only certain models that are still marketable like the models B3, C3, A-100 series and a few others. Logically we need to buy organs to be able to sell them and we also receive trade in instruments to increase our supply. If you wish to sell us a Hammond organ or Leslie speaker, or both, start by sending us some pictures and provide your location by city and state. This will save you a phone call to our office since the first thing we will tell you is to please send us some pictures so we can give your equipment proper consideration.

We are an authorized NEW Leslie dealer and can arrange to ship a NEW Leslie directly to your door brand new in the box. We will advise you on the correct model Leslie for your needs. Our used Leslie speakers cost almost as much as a new Leslie after our detailed restoration process and good used Leslies are hard to find therefore we rarely sell used Leslie speakers unless with an organ. Additional we do not advise that anyone purchase an organ without a Leslie due to the difficulty in finding a used Leslie and the difficulty in making it properly compatible with the organ. ALWAYS try to buy an organ with Leslie that you can hear before you purchase it and preferably be able to listen to many organs with Leslies in the same acoustical setting. How else will you know you are getting a great sounding instrument? ANY Hammond organ can sound great to your ear if you are only listening to one organ without being able to compare to others. To the inexperienced ear, all Hammond organs sound good. They can sound GREAT and that requires expert restoration.

Worldwide. We can build wood export crates or ship in custom built, reusable road cases, whichever suits your needs best. Ocean as well as air shipping is available and we can help you compare the advantages of each.

Shipping a fine musical instrument must be done with the utmost of care! Our 55 years of experience, and after shipping thousands of Hammond organs all over the world, has taught us the best ways to ensure a safe delivery. This video shows one way, using professional custom road cases.

Any location in the USA except Alaska and Hawaii. Your location is not an issue as long as you have the equipment we need.

We price our instruments fairly compared to other sellers and remain competitive in the market. This has been necessary to remain in business for over 50 years. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding value to our customers and one of our goals is to make the purchase experience easy and even pleasant! When musicians visit our shop, they often say they feel like they are in a “Candy Store” for Hammond players and the store is often called “Hammond Heaven”. A properly restored Hammond is a long term investment that will give years and even decades of reliable enjoyment. Cost per year can be amazingly low over time if you make a wise choice upfront.

Yes! We offer more financing options than any other store we have ever seen. If you really want a Hammond with Leslie, we can make it happen! Some church groups are even pre-qualified due to the long and rich heritage of their denominations. We suggest contacting us with a few details about your church history so that we can arrange pre-qualify commitment from our lenders or advise you of other options. We generally get an approval within 24 hours and then all is left is to select the instrument of your choice. We suggest lease to own for churches and there are other options. Individuals can use credit cards, custom layaway plan, or enjoy a cash discount. Please contact us or visit our financing page for more information.

The business began in 1968 under the name "Organ Transplant" but we shortly changed our name after a woman received a letter from us and thought someone was after her body parts!