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Hammond Price Information and
General Business Philosophy of Keyboard Exchange International

Our goal at Keyboard Exchange International is to provide the BEST VALUE and the LOWEST COST per year during the coming decades you will own a restored Hammond with Leslie purchased from us. However, these goals may not always render the lowest up front price. Try to think long term, like we do, about your Hammond with Leslie purchase. There are many parts in a 50 year old Hammond organ. (We do not let the age of these find instruments concern us, when we compare to a 300 year old Stradivarius violin) After 50 years there are electronic parts and wiring that need to be changed. Our philosophy is to change those parts that have worn out, dried out, or decayed over the first 50 years, AND to add improvements learned in the last 50 years,to get the instruments ready for the NEXT 50 years!

There is no reason why a properly restored Hammond B3 and Leslie 122 speaker could not be 100 years old some day, with proper restoration and maintenance. I would even suggest 200 or 300 years with proper maintenance and occasional restoration. Why not? The Stradivarius instruments have already proved that this is possible!

Fortunately, the B3 and C3 instruments, the most popular models, and a small few others, were "over engineered" in a time when planned obsolescence was not yet conceived. In the 1950's and 60's and prior, things were made to the highest standards. In the case of the Hammond B3, these instruments are true American made treasures! Do not be fooled by a cheap price only! Our ZERO interest financing option can make buying from us easy and affordable and our lease to own plan is even easier! Consider your purchase an investment in your musical future or the future and quality of your worship experience if you are buying for your church.

Still not sure? Perhaps our rent, with option to buy, would help convince you that there is nothing in the world that compares to a properly restored Hammond B3 organ with Leslie speaker.
  • If you prefer a NEW Leslie speaker that is an option.
  • Two Leslies....a second Leslie is an option.
  • If you prefer all new electronics in a fully restored vintage B3..that is an option.
  • If you need a transpose system on a REAL B3 that is an up grade option!
  • Bass output direct to your sub-woofers...YES!
  • Fused system to protect your investment...YES
    (Do not purchase a vintage hammond that has not been fused!)
  • Certified FOAM FREE.....YES!
    (Do not purchase a vintage hammond that has foam issues in the keyboards!)
  • New Internal and External AC Wiring...YES!
    (Do not purchase a vintage hammond with the original internal AC wiring! All organs sold by Keyboard Exchange International have new internal and external AC wiring!)
After 46 years in the Hammond and Leslie business of sales and restoration, we have learned many things. Allow our experience and genuine appreciation for these fine instruments benefit you as your decide where you will prefer to purchase your Hammond with Leslie.

Warranty and extended warranty programs available and even included with most purchases. Ask us for details.

If you are outside of the USA and want a Hammond from a reputable dealer...consider the fact that we have exported thousands of Hammonds over the years! Therefore we well understand the complexities of shipping and converting the organs for your electrical system and can walk you through all the details to make this easy for you! Our export shipping agent will introduce you to an agent in your area to guide you though the import details.

Whatever you require, wherever you are located, whenever you are ready...we are here to be of service to you!

We are sometimes asked why prices are higher on our instruments than instruments found on Craig's list or ebay or in a local music store or even from someone's garage where a collector is offering an instrument that has only been dusted off. The difference is in the restoration process that will make the instruments you purchase from us last a very long time. A proper restoration will be your best long term investment and your annual costs will be the lowest in the long run.

Do not be penny wise and pound foolish. Understand that the key to highest value will be in obtaining a properly restored instrument from a reputable expert. We stock all the parts required for a proper restoration and to support our warranty and extended warranty programs. We service what we sell or restore, and give our customers outstanding support after the sale. Once you purchase, or lease an instrument from Keyboard Exchange International, you become our life long customer and we are here with parts and technical advise as required.

We are also pleased to offer our full restoration services to you if you already own a Hammond with Leslie. We can advise you if your model is worthy of restoration. For some models it is simply not practical to do a full restoration and a trade in may be the better option. We will be pleased to provide you with several options to allow you to choose the one that best suits your situation.

We are proud to work on these fine instruments. We ask everyone who has a Hammond B3 or C3 to take good care of it for yourself and future generations. The names Hammond, Leslie, and Stradivarius are associated with high quality musical instruments and we wish for this association to only grow stronger over the course of time!

Contact us if you have a Hammond B3 or Leslie for sale, or you know of one for sale. HELP US SAVE THE B3'S !

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Current Inventory Price Lists
May 2015

Keyboard Exchange International is now dividing our price list into two distinct categories.

Budget Friendly, Scratch and Dent, Closeout Items
This list will include some older Hammond models, trade ins, one of a kind instrument, scratched instruments but will still be internally restored to be safe and to sound really good. In many cases some of these instruments will sound just as good as the instruments in our Premium Collection price list. The difference may be in the quality of the finish on the furniture or options added or not added. Occasionally but rarely you will find a vintage B3 within this list. They sell quickly in this price range! May 2015 Price list - Word Document | May 2015 Price list - Adobe Acrobat Document

Premium Collection
As the name inplys, these instruments are judged by us to be of somewhat or considerable higher quality for several different reasons. These reasons may include the fact that the instrument came from the home of the original owner and looks like a new instrument. Or, it may have an option or several options added that will literally make it sound better than when new and before the option was even invented. The restoration may be more extensive or the instrument itself may be from the last few years of factory production making it newer in effect but still a vintage instrument. A NEW Leslie or a pair of Leslies will affect price as you would expect. The Premium Price list has been developed so that we are not restricted by price alone in the restoration process AND in creating a professional and institutional grade instrument. The instruments on this list are for our customers who require the best we can offer and are willing to make a reasonable investment for now and the future. Ben Franklin is created with saying "Do not be penny wise and dollar foolish" At any price point, we at Keyboard Exchange International assure you of the best value for the money you spend with us. Premium Price list, May 2015 - Word Document | Premium Price list, May 2015 - Adobe Acrobat Document

Choose the price range you prefer but do review both lists. Financing may still make instruments from the Premium List affordable. Keep in mind that after a proper restoration, a vintage Hammond organ with Leslie speaker can last a life time with an estimated life expectancy of 50 more years with annual maintenance.

We show our Hammonds with Leslies by appointment. Appointments are for our customers convenience and to insure that we will be available for you when you arrive. We request you make an appointment so that we can offer you our best attention.

Hammond Organs!
Introduction and Showroom March 2014

The difference between the
Hammond B3 and C3 models explained

Keyboard Information

Compare Hammond B-3, C-3 and A-100 model organs

Free Music Lesson

Music Lessons
"Jim Huss' Frozen Finger Method"
Learn to play the organ or keyboard

The first day I realized that my "frozen finger method" of teaching people to play keyboards was when a customer who was buying an organ asked me to explain how I learned to play music. I explained to him my basic understanding of chords and after ten minutes he said to me "Jim, I have learned more in ten minutes with you then I learned in a year of music lessons! Now I understand better how to play the keyboard!"

Please visit our music lesson page to learn more about the DVD and enjoy Lesson One as a free complimentary lesson.

View a Photo Gallery and Video Gallery of Hammond Organs that Keyboard Exchange has sold!

June Scratch and Dent Sale Priced Organs (#140 & #150)

Several of the B3 Hammond organs shown on this video will be sold in June as scratch and dent sale priced items. You can hear for yourself that they sound great and in addition to the two that are being played (# 140 and # 150) there are two more that sound equally good. (#129 & #152) Internal restoration work completed on these instruments but the furniture has imperfections which give "character" to a vintage instrument. If you want perfect furniture then select a different instrument. If you want a low price, consider one of these very special instruments! Special for churches ZERO DOWN and approximately $199 to $249 per month with a "lease to own"program

Hammond B3 with Leslie 122 (#143)

#143 is Hammond B3 organ with Leslie 122! Bright! Crisp! one of the last 5 years of factory production making this a classic for all time. This instrument has been upgraded with "string bass" a feature that can and does create adjustable sustain and "pluck" to your bass pedals. Your bass lines will flow like never before with this feature. String bass can be added to any of our other B3, C3, and A-100 organs but is already included with # 143 at no additional cost like a FREE BONUS! Other upgrades include OBL-2 system allowing your bass tones to be connected directly to the sub-woofers in your PA or a separate bass amp for WORLD CLASS BASS. This is the ideal instrument for an excellent musician, or to attract and retain an excellent musician to your church. It is also the perfect instrument to back you up, if you preach. Preachers...."what is backing you up? Available for $379 per month with ZERO down! Lease to own available for established churches. Buy today for $15,950. Creative financing also available. Delivery available anywhere on planet earth.


The most deluxe and expensive Hammond organ ever manufactured in the 1960's! The Hammond factory invested heavily to produce the best instrument possible and with a great results! While we have this instrument in our store ( a trade in ) we are not actively trying to sell it. We WILL sell it but only to someone who either really wants one because they understand this instrument, or to someone who always wanted one but could not afford it when new. This X-66 has the matching bench and bass pedals and TWO original speaker cabinets. Wired to accept a 122 Leslie also. Not an instrument we suggest for Gospel music as it does not sound exactly like a B3. Still, to the right person, this could be the opportunity of a life time! We are open to offers of cash, or trade, so if you think you are the right person, please contact us. Organ has been maintained and was donated to a church who traded in toward an instrument that gave them the "B3 sound" We are not pricing this instrument......make an offer.Best offer will be accepted. Organ sold AS IS in playing condition. Full restoration optional but perhaps not needed if you have your own tech or technical skills. A rare find in this condition

Hammond B3 with custom matching Leslie speaker (#106)

#106 is a late 1964 or early 1965 vintage Hammond B3 serial #91357 with custom matching 122 speaker! RARE Cherry wood AKA Fruit wood finish in almost flawless MINT condition! We estimate that only one of every 25 B3 models produced was this rare wood tone finish AND cherry wood with its tighter grain seems to remain new looking for longer. In addition to its unquestionable good looks, this instrument is a dream to play! The sound is amazing and under bright lights, perhaps on stage, the cherry wood glows! A classic beauty, a true about to come true for anyone who has wanted a B3 all his or her life....this one could be the perfect instrument for you or your church! Priced to sell at $13,950 or $299 per month. Lease to own for as little as zero down or $495 down. $299 per month assumes a $2,500 down payment or trade in of that value.

Hammond B3 with one or two Leslie speakers (#112)

#112 is a Hammond B3 serial #101625 (vintage late 1968 or early 1969) Newer style engraved draw bars. Red capacitors on both tone generator and line box make for a bright, crisp, sweet sound! NEW Solid state TREK II pre-amp installed for high reliability with adjustable tone controls. NEW Spring reverb installed. Prepared for our B3 rental fleet and selected for best possible sound and features. Ideal for commercial use for future rentals, personal, or church use. There are some very minor furniture imperfections which allow us to discount this instrument to a lower price range than if the furniture was more perfect. If you require perfect furniture, this instrument may not be for you, so select either # 106 or # 108. Please notice the selection of Leslie and custom "Road Warrior 122" speakers that are available. Select one or two of your choice This B3 available with one, 122 speaker of your choice for $12,950 or $325 per month. This B3 available w/ TWO 122 speakers of your choice $15,950 or $399 per month

Hammond XB-3 (#133)
Price Reduction!
Save $2,000 Buy Now for $6,950!!!!

#133 is a Hammond XB-3 with transpose feature and MIDI! Selling with TWO full size Leslie speakers for only $9,950 Normally we suggest the model B3 or C3 but this XB-3 model has features not found on the B3 or C3 and is priced lower than a B3 or C3 especially having TWO full size, full power Leslie speakers INCLUDED ! Only one available! This was a trade in model and will be serviced to play as it should. Buy only if MIDI and transpose are features you enjoy or if you have played this model before and like it. This could be the perfect instrument for the right musician! Lease to own for around $265 per month. Remember....... TWO Leslie speakers are included!

Hammond B3 (#140)

#140 is a WHITE Hammond B3 serial #93892! This B3 arrived here at KEI already refinished Ivory/white and the work was so nicely done that we decided to leave the organ this color. Usually a WHITE B3 would be a custom project and cost THOUSANDS more than this instrument! CERTIFIED FOAM FREE! Manufactured late in 1964 or early 1965. Under the white finish is actually the very rare oak wood which adds an additional level of interest to this fine instrument. Plays like a dream with a custom 122 speaker ( black finish ) NEW 122 power amp with new tubes. NEW tubes in the organ with a spare set of used tubes included at no additional cost to buyer. Internally rebuilt pre-amp, fused and grounded. This instrument is ready for decades of faithful service in your church, home or studio. This B3 is discounted as the wood locking top and music rack are not included so we must sell at a price that makes this a GREAT VALUE PACKAGE ! Percussion is extra strong! lease to own for $249 per month plus delivery or $9,950

1957 Hammond B3 with Leslie 122 (#128)

#128 is Hammond B3 serial #66499 (1957 vintage) with Leslie speaker model 122. This is the classic combination! Listen to the video to determine if this is the sound you are seeking but do listen with good head phones or a good speaker system for best result. Remember the quality of the 1957 automobiles like the classic 1957 Chevy! This B3 was manufactured with the same quality workmanship and craftsmanship of that bygone era. The time to buy is now for a lifetime of musical enjoyment or to enhance your worship service experience while still available at affordable prices. Look at what happened to Stradivarius violins selling in the millions of dollars! Offered at $14,950 properly restored with up grades for safety and performance. Or lease to own church program available at $379 per month or even less!

1970 Hammond B3 with Leslie 122 (#125)

#125 Hammond B3 serial #B-91059 (1970 vintage) CERTIFIED FOAM FREE! Remember that ALL Hammond B3 organs from 1964 to 1974 must have the factory foam removed from the keyboards to prevent serious damage to keyboard wiring! THIS instrument will never have this type of problem as it has been properly address and the foam removed. Leslie 122 included and OBL-2 make this instrument a true classic made ready for decades of service into the future! Priced at $15,950 or lease to own for $395 per month with ZERO down! (Lease to own applicable for churches with excellent credit history) Listen to this video and decide if this is one of the best sounding B3's with 122 that you have heard!

Hammond B2 with Leslie 21H two speed modification (#134)

#134 is a Hammond B2 organ (serial #54504) with matching bench and bass pedals with 21H Leslie with two speed modification! Once a decade we will find an older B2 that looks as nice or better than the new B3 model! This B2 has been exceptionally well kept and plays like a dream! We have already added up graded percussion which is superior to that even found on a B3 or C3. We were once asked why anyone would even want to buy a B3 if the B2 has stronger retro-fitted percussion? THAT is a great question! Newly re-coned original electro- magnetic 15 inch Jensen speaker is the most sought after speaker in the world by audiophiles and makes this Leslie superior sounding. One of the cleanest B2 organs you will ever see, connected to the most beautiful 21H Leslie on planet earth.... OBL-2 installed and included and Smooth pulling drawbars! What more could one ask for? Oh.....a bargain price! $9,750 or $249 per month with $495 down lease to own plus delivery.

#114 - 1956 vintage Hammond C3 with Leslie 22H modified with two speed upper rotor!

#114 is a 1956 vintage Hammond C3 with Leslie 22H modified with two speed upper rotor! The video will speak well of this instrument and the musician, Randolf Carter said after playing this finely restored instrument.... "C3 model organs do not get the props that they deserve." Because they are not as popular as the more famous B3 model, the C3 model is less expensive AND if ladies are to play the organ at your church, they will PREFER the C3 model for purposes of modesty. B3 sound in a C3 style cabinet at a discounted price of $8,950. Lease to own for under $249 per month with delivery included to most locations! Ask about our ZERO INTEREST in house financing for churches!

#113 Hammond C3 aka "BLACK BEAUTY"!

More than a year of effort to create this custom ebony finish with outstanding outcome! Black Beauty is a satin ebony finish, very refined and very elegant or any setting! As you can hear from the video (use good head phones or a good sound system for best result) this Black Beauty C3 sounds just like our amazing B3 organs! All the sound you could ever need with a classy finish. Matching Leslie 122 included and OBL-2 output already installed for WORLD CLASS BASS potential! If you have a trade in or cash down payment worth $3,950 then this organ can be yours for only $250 mo lease to own. Cash price without a trade is $13,950 plus shipping but with easy terms possible of $495 down or no payments until 2015!

#116 Hammond model BC with chorus generator!

Winner of the B3 "Look-alike contest" complete with Leslie 122a! Looks like a B3! Sounds like a B3! In fact it the great granddaddy of the B3... older, wiser, and less expensive. NEW electronics installed to replace the vacuum tubes for high reliability decades to come. Attention collectors and bargain hunters! This is both a highly desirable model AND a great value! WAY MORE BASS than 99% of all B3s! OBL-2 already installed! This one will not last at only $7,950 plus delivery. Lease to own for $199 per month and only $495 down. Ask about other financing options some with ZERO interest!

Hammond models BC #116 and C2 #115 are our most recent arrivals!

Two budget friendly Hammonds that will soon be moved from our electronics shop and set up with Leslie speakers in our showroom! We did not want to wait to put this picture on the web site.

The BC #116 work has been completed and the organ sounds AMAZING with new solid state pre-amp installed! Just AMAZING! The bass is a complete octave lower than an actual Hammond B3 model! Some of these older Hammonds actually had more tone wheels than a B3 and therefore can sound even better than a B3 but at a much lower price !

The C2 # 115 is note worthy in that is has smooth pulling draw bars and percussion will be added. Mainly this instrument is special due to its OUTSTANDING physical condition. It looks almost like a new piece of furniture but true be told....as is always is here at Keyboard Exchange, this organ is more than 60 years old! Does she look it? NO ! ( remember that a Stradivarius violin or cello is 300 years old Quality can be timeless as long as there is a proper and professional restoration ! )

Videos to soon follow for these two instruments if they are not sold immediately. Both priced WITH Leslie speaker at only $7,950. Lease to own for $495 down and approximately $199 per month !

Hammond Elegante.......TOP OF THE LINE
Hammond console organ when originally manufactured in the USA between 1980 and 1985! Not a B3, but with many B3 sounds and features plus more! Sells for much less than a B3 ! This instrument sold retail for $18,000 in the 1980's so consider its value today when adjusted for inflation. Normally Keyboard Exchange International will only offer the world famous Hammond B3, C3 and similar models that share tonal character, common set of repair parts, have strong market demand and appeal. However, we now recognize the rare opportunity to be able to offer select Hammond models for home entertainment at prices that will amaze and please you. Home entertainment models are different from institutional and commercial models in that HE models were made specifically for home use and home entertainment with lots of bells and whistles to enjoy. These extra features allow for making music fun and easier. Many of the B3 features and sounds are included in this model plus a transpose feature, strings, rhythm machine (drums) and more! Now your can own the best instrument that the Hammond factory was able to produce in the 1980's at a fraction of the original cost. Not really intended for church use, it is still an option when the transpose feature is required. Supplies are limited so reserve yours today!

Hammond Elegante inventory # 102 with built in transpose system, strings ALL the extras
Hammond Organ Company flagship model! It was there TOP OF THE LINE model! This organ priced at $6,950 with one FREE external Leslie available. We can also offer TWO Leslies for an up charge of only $2,000. You are are hearing this organ will the built in Leslie only. Two videos showing two styles of musicians but really there could be 5 or more videos showing Jazz, Popular etc. This instrument is fully capable of playing any musical style in any setting. The FREE Leslie offer good until April 19, 2014.

Introducing Randolph Carter and #22 is a Hammond Model A Organ!

The original Hammond organ with B3 sound! Looks like a B3! This was the very first Hammond model that Mr Hammond built in his Chicago factory USA. We have upgraded with a NEW solid state preamp with reverb! This organ is not only a collector item but a real work horse and priced at about half of the newer B3 model. Shown with a Leslie model 142 which has the 122 power amp but is 10 inches shorter. Organ also included OBL-2 which will allow you to plug your bass tones into a separate bass amp or sub-woofer system for WORLD CLASS bass! This model A has one extra octave of tone wheels giving this model lower bass tones than a B3 or C3!!!!!!! Priced at $6,950 WITH Leslie. Pay half down and be offered ZERO interest financing over the next 10 months OR lease to own with little or no money down with no payments due for two months and payments under $179 per month! One of a kind special deal so call today!~

#28 is a Hammond Colonnade with FREE Leslie 912!
This organ has TRANSPOSE feature built in and other interesting features. This is not a tone wheel organ, meaning it is build differently than a Hammond B3, C3 or A-100 and is in fact newer than those models. Still, and as you can hear, it has a great sound for church or home use and the PRICE with Leslie is super reasonable! Only one of these in stock today so do not delay if you are interested! only $4,950

Hammond Organs!
#33 & #62 Hammond Organ now offered with FREE second Leslie speaker!

#33 SOLD Hammond CV model organ, full size instrument is the predicesor of the world famous Hammond C3 organ with full 25 bass pedals, locking top, finished back now priced at $4,950 but for this special promotion we are offer a second Leslie for FREE included with the deal! We just want to see if people are paying attention! FREE is good!

*** Congratulations to Agape Assembly Baptist Church for selecting this great sounding organ AND for paying attention to the fine print in this offer! They received a second matching full size Leslie and now have two magnificent sounding Leslies on their Hammond. The second Leslie was FREE because they saw the offer and asked for the FREE bonus Leslie. Because they read carefully all the content on our web site, they got a second Leslie! Kudos! Pay attention people for the next surprise bonus offer!

#62 is the same model Hammond CV full size tone wheel organ but with some very cool upgrades including, Smooth pulling drawbars, NEW solid state pre-amp for high reliability and bright sound, reverb, and OBL-2 output for WORLD CLASS Bass tone potential when connected to a subwoofer or bass guitar amp. SECOND LESLIE TO BE ADDED FREE WITH THIS DEAL!!!!!! $6,950

We just want to see if you are paying attention to our web site so are offering FREE stuff as your bonus for paying attention! Stay focused! Payments as low as $189 per month! WHAT for a Hammond with TWO Leslies? Is this the best deal on planet earth?

Leslie Speakers
Leslie Speakers!

USED Leslies! NEW Leslies! TALL Leslies! SHORT Leslies! TUBE Leslies, SOLID STATE Leslies, TWO Speed Leslies, THREE Speed Leslies, Scratched Leslies, Refinished Leslies, Leslie Compatibility charts, Leslie CABLES, Experienced Leslie technicians, Authorized LESLIE Dealer! ADD a SECOND Leslie to any organ you see on our inventory page, We BUY used Leslies, We RESTORE USED Leslies, WE KNOW Leslies, We LOVE the sound of Leslie speakers, and we have 44 years of business experience helping our customers select the best Leslie for their needs. FINANCING AVAILABLE for NEW Leslie 122a speakers! Call of email today with your questions. TRADE IN YOUR OLD LESLIE! Hammond B3 and C3 organs also available WITH Leslie or Leslies! Leslie models include: 122, 122A, 122RV, 122R, 142, 242, 222, 31H, 32H, 147, 147RV, 247, 912, 750, 710, 760, 770, 900, 910, 925, and many more!

#83 is a Custom Finished GLOSS Ebony Hammond B3 organ #93264 from 1964

One of the best years of production! This customized Hammond B3 represents the best of our restoration efforts! All the best parts, effort, and the best refinishing have gone into this restoration project! It will soon be completed and available for sale! Being the best of what we can offer, it is also one of our most expensive instruments at $17,950 with one Matching Leslie 122 with three speeds, fast, off, and slow. NEW Leslie 122 power amp. If you want to closely match your grand piano on stage, or require something extra special, this B3 could be for you! Pre-wired to accept additional 11 pin Leslie or several more Leslies ! Not too late to add some additional custom features that you may desire or require!

#75 is a Hammond Model A-105 with Leslie 147! Excellent to MINT condition A-105 with true B3 sound! This A-105 could have been a B3, but the factory installed B3 parts into this somewhat rare A-105 console with self-contained speakers. These act as monitor speakers allowing it to be played without a Leslie. However, we all prefer to have a Leslie so Keyboard Exchange has added a very nice sounding model 147 Leslie! This is one of the newest tone wheel Hammond organs to be found on earth! One of the last ones to leave the original Hammond factory in Chicago and CERTIFIED FOAM FREE ! B3 sound at a lower price in the top of the line A-100 series model A-105 featuring musician Randolph Carter. Organ with Leslie $10,950 or $299 per month on lease to own arrangement delivered to your church. Both this organ and Randolph could be playing in your church if you act quickly. Organ is for sale and Randolph is seeking full time musical opportunity!

Leslie Speaker  Leslie Speaker
EBONY is back!!!!!!! Custom finished Hammond B3 and C3 organs with matching Leslie speakers can now be ordered from Keyboard Exchange International ! Keep in mind that these custom finishes take some extra time and cost more than a standard finish so allow about 90 days from the time you place your order until we can arrange delivery. Our new refinishing shop is doing the best work we have seen in years so if you are interested contact us today for more details! For the first time ever, your B3 can look as nice as your new grand piano!

Proto Type Custom Portable B-3 Proto Type Custom Portable B-3
Introducing the "ROAD WARRIOR" B3 built into a custom ATA road case! Check this out! ALL the sound without compromise! Let us custom build one for you! Prices start at $4,500

5'4" Grotrian Steinweg baby grand piano. Manufactured in Germany in 1917 by the Steinway family. Recently restrung awaiting a new home. This fine antique piano will grace any home or mansion and is a nice sounding piano with an interesting history. Ivory keys and reasonably priced at $10,950

Jermey on Vintage German Piano

Friends and Family Instruments for Sale

These items are not in our showroom but occasionally we like to help a friend sell their instruments.
Please contact us for more information at b3buyer@aol.com

Baldwin Grand piano built in the finest mid century tradition with real ivory keys. Looking for offers and a good home ! Piano located in Deland, FL B3buyer@aol.com

Hammond B3 Organ vs. The Hammond B3 Sound!

     The world famous Hammond B3 organ, when properly matched to a Leslie speaker model 122, 122a, or 147 offers one of the greatest musical sounds on our planet! However, the Hammond B3 "sound" can be obtained or achieved equally well from a few other tone wheel Hammond organ models when one understands the true source of the Hammond B3 sound.

     Let's start with the basics. The term B3 defines a model of Hammond organ. The Hammond organ company manufactured dozens of different models of organs but only one called B3. The B3 model was manufactured for a 20 year period from 1955 to 1974 with some subtle changes along the course of this production cycle. Prior to 1955 there were similar looking models including the model B2, BV, BC, BCV and model A. Put them all on stage together (or in the Keyboard Exchange International showroom in Sanford, Florida) and it would be difficult to tell them apart unless you were expert in the different models. Even the model A, first manufactured in 1935 has what we today refer to as the B3 sound. Therefore there are several options to get a true B3 sound, and also the look and style of a B3 with the open design of four stylish legs.

     The Hammond model C3 is my personal second best choice to obtain a true B3 sound but with a different style of furniture. There are times when the C3 model will actually be the better choice due to the closed in furniture style. To be plain and direct, ladies who play the organ will prefer the Hammond model C3 to the B3 model for reasons of modesty. There are also financial savings to be enjoyed by purchasing the C3 model. Currently a C3 is about 20% less expensive than a B3 if in the same condition. It is also important to note that the internal parts of a B3 and a C3 are the same and completely interchangeable and this also explains why they can sound the same.

     Mr. Don Leslie invented the Leslie speaker. He tried to sell his invention to Mr. Hammond but at the time, Mr. Hammond did not understand that one day no one would want to play one of his Hammond organs without a Leslie speaker. To obtain what we today call the B3 sound, a proper Leslie speaker is a necessity.

     The differences between the various models of organs that can produce the B3 sound are: model number, age, furniture style, and price. Less popular models and older models are less expensive but not of lesser quality. It is of utmost importance to understand that NOT ALL organs that bear the name of Hammond are capable of producing what we refer to today as the "B3 sound". Only a select few can give us the sound we seek AND the organs must be properly restored and properly matched to a restored or NEW Leslie speaker...of the correct model!

     Because the term B3 is so well known, the actual model Hammond B3 organ is the most popular and therefore has the greatest market demand. When demand is higher for any product or service, the price is higher. This is economics 101. This does however create a greater value in the other models that are not so well known but are capable of producing the same sound as the B3 model organ. It is always best to compare a lessor model, in the same room or acoustical setting, with an actual B3 to fully understand the great values found in some of the lesser known models. Allow your ears to be the judge that will allow your budget a break. Generally, most organ lovers will one day want a B3 or will want to be able to trade up to a B3. A church will find investing in a B3 will both help attract and retain excellent musicians. Marvin Gay sang it best "Ain't nothing like the real thing!"

     The Hammond B3 organ does have a "cool factor" to its style that cannot be denied. Over the years, we at Keyboard Exchange International have been asked thousands of times, which is the better instrument, the B3 or the C3. The simple answer is that the only real difference is the furniture style. Organists will debate long a hard over this question but really it comes down to the organs they have played or heard, the acoustics of the rooms they were in, the condition of the instruments and other variables too numerous to mention. Modifications and upgrades can actually make these organs sound better than when they were new. A proper restoration of a 50 year old Hammond B3 is money well spent as it can prepare that B3 for the next 50 years. A Stratavarious violin can be 300 years old and agreed to be the best sounding and most valuable violin in the entire world. To our way of thinking, a Hammond B3 organ is in the same category of quality as these wonderful violins. Additionally we know of nothing new that can be purchased today that will outlast or out perform a properly restored Hammond B3 organ.

     Please visit Keyboard Exchange International or make your selection from the videos and pictures we provide, to get the B3 sound you have always wanted. It will be the best investment in your musical future that you can make! Let one of the greatest musical instruments ever created inspire your playing and, or enhance your worship experience.

By: Jim Huss, President, Keyboard Exchange International www.keyboardexchange.com © 2014

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