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One restored Hammond organ, a dozen or 20! Ready to take orders today. Shipping World Wide, now our 40th year in business!
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Hammond B3 organs with Leslie speakers ON SALE!
From $249 per month lease to own
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Exclusive financing opportunities
from Keyboard Exchange International

Please visit our current inventory to view our fine instruments.
When you arrive, scroll down to view videos and details of each instrument
Attention Preachers! What is backing you up? Would you like to have more power in your sermons? Are you looking for ways to improve the attention span of your congregation? Do you need assistance creating a more dramatic message? The simple suggestion in this video may be helpful to you. Also remember that a strong music program in general, is one of the best ways to improve church growth! Great preaching, great music, vibrant youth programs.... all working together.... is a blessing....... M.M. Randolph Carter speaking.

Are YOU interested in the B3 sound for your church, studio, or home? Contact us with your name, name of your church if applicable, location...city and state, and specifics of your requirements so that we can send you more information including cost of delivery. We can deliver or arrange delivery to most locations on the planet Earth!

Hammond B3 Wood Finish Colors
Hammond B3 Wood Finish Colors
Hammond B3 wood finishes and colors are an interesting topic. Over the years the Hammond factory offered an excellent variety of wood tone finishes of superior quality. In this picture you will see examples of three wood finishes offered by the factory. Of special interest is that over the years, while the finish remanded the same, the description changed on original Hammond brochures so that the B3 in the middle might be called "Cherry wood" in one brochure and "Fruit wood" in another.

The B3 to the far left in this picture is a shade of walnut typically found on B3's in the last nine years of factory production with some furniture modifications made in 1969 and as shown here.

The B3 to the far right can be called brown mahogany, mahogany, or red walnut depending on how much red was used in the staining process and the veneer type used. It is interesting to note that the factory often mixed their veneers on the same organ and you can often find mahogany and walnut veneer on the same instrument. It was the color of stain that determined what the finish was called.

Hammond Price Information and General Business
Philosophy of Keyboard Exchange International
Our goal at Keyboard Exchange International is to provide the BEST VALUE and the LOWEST COST per year during the coming decades you will own a restored Hammond with Leslie purchased from us. However, these goals may not always render the lowest up front price. Try to think long term, like we do, about your Hammond with Leslie purchase. There are many parts in a 50 year old Hammond organ. (We do not let the age of these find instruments concern us, when we compare to a 300 year old Stradivarius violin) After 50 years there are electronic parts and wiring that need to be changed. Our philosophy is to change those parts that have worn out, dried out, or decayed over the first 50 years, AND to add improvements learned in the last 50 years, to get the instruments ready for the NEXT 50 years!

There is no reason why a properly restored Hammond B3 and Leslie 122 speaker could not be 100 years old someday, with proper restoration and maintenance. I would even suggest 200 or 300 years with proper maintenance and occasional restoration. Why not? The Stradivarius instruments have already proved that this is possible!

Please continue to read!

Current Price Lists!
Keyboard Exchange International's price list is now available for all our current inventory. We are now dividing our price list into two distinct categories. Please visit the inventory page to learn more and view the price lists. See Current Prices!

Hammond B3 Organ vs. The Hammond B3 Sound!
The world famous Hammond B3 organ, when properly matched to a Leslie speaker model 122, 122a, or 147 offers one of the greatest musical sounds on our planet! However, the Hammond B3 "sound" can be obtained or achieved equally well from a few other tone wheel Hammond organ models when one understands the true source of the Hammond B3 sound.... To keep reading

The number one question asked of Keyboard Exchange International is.....
"What is the difference between the Hammond model B3, and Hammond model C3?"
Vintage Hammond B3 and C3 Organ
These two pictures will say 1000 words each, but we will add that the B3 sits on fours legs and has over the years become the more popular furniture style. The C3 has the solid back and solid sides and is less popular than the B3 but only because of the furniture style. The C3 is often preferred by churches where ladies play the organ for purposes of modesty. The C3, being somewhat less popular and less in demand, sells for less than a B3 if quality and condition are equal. Both models have the exact same internal parts and therefore a C3 will sound as good as a B3 if properly restored and matched correctly with the proper model Leslie speaker. Both NEW and restored Leslie speakers are available and are required for a proper sound.
Vintage Hammond B3 and C3 Organ
The same organs are shown with backs on, and backs off, so that you will be better able to understand that the internal parts are the same. We hope this helps you to understand the differences between these two models. One is not better than the other, only different in style, and the good news is that Keyboard Exchange International sells both models so you have a choice. There are other choices but this is the best place to start!

Excellent Financing Options

Our showroom floor is over flowing with Hammond B3, C3, and other great sounding Hammond organs with Leslie speakers! We must make room for other organs scheduled to arrive! Therefore we are offering:
  • Cash discounts!
  • Zero interest terms to qualified churches with 50% down!
  • Low money or NO money down with lease to own programs for churches!
  • Our BEST sounding Hammonds ever at super value prices!
  • We have finance plans for ALL churches that need a Hammond with Leslie!
  • Lease to Own and Rent to own programs
  • One of a kind clearance items!
  • Layaway programs custom designed to fit your needs!
  • Please visit our financing options page to learn how you, your church or business can get one of these gorgeous Hammond organs!
Now is the time! Keyboard Exchange International is the place! Sale starts May 1, 2013 and will continue until we have the space we need.

We must thank the many people and church groups that have sold us organs and in some cases even given us organs that were no longer being used. Our supply of instruments, has never been better! So our thanks goes out to those who have helped us save another B3 or C3 Hammond! We are also grateful to finally have enough used Leslies so that ALL our organs have at least one Leslie and some even have TWO Leslies speakers! Thank you to those of you who have sold us your used Leslies! We will need even more used Leslies for the organs scheduled to soon arrive, but for now we an excellent supply!

Attention ALL churches........if you want or need that B3 sound, we will find a way to make it happen for you!

Hammond Musical Tip of the Day!
Chop & Shout

Friends & Family Instruments for Sale
Occasionally we like to help a friend sell their instrument.
Take a look to see what is for sale!
Hammond B3 Organ sent to Japan
Our good friend Yoshi, in Japan, recently received a B3 from us and sent us this picture to confirm the safe arrival. AND the sound of the organ is "GREAT" and meets his expectations. As he is an expert on Hammond organs and Leslie speakers, his expectations were quite high! We are pleased to receive his good news report that all is well after the long trip from Florida to Japan! Our wood export crates, along with careful handling by hand picked freight forwarders all contributing to a very positive outcome! We especially like the beautiful setting where Yoshi displays and plays his vintage B3 with matching Leslie speakers !

Put on good headphones to enjoy this video of our friend
and world class Hammond B3 player Michel Benebig.

It should be noted that the great bass lines you are hearing are from Mr Benebig's left foot ! He is, in our opinion, one of the worlds great Hammond players and best example of real bass pedal playing in the world of jazz!

Our new favorite video!

This world class talented musician is now one of our favorite musicians and we complement him on his gifts ! What we find so compelling about this video is the way he is able to not only demonstrate his talents but also the versitility of the vintage Hammond B3 organ with Leslie speaker. There are elements of Gospel, Classical, and Jazz all being played with uncommon expertise therefore we wanted to help share this with as many people as possible. Enjoy and be blessed!

The difference between the
Hammond B3 and C3 models explained

Hammond organ repair, maintenance
and restoration suggestions
for models B3, C3 and similar models

Ebony Leslie Speakers Ebony Leslie Speakers
EBONY is back!!!!!!!
Custom finished Hammond B3 and C3 organs with matching Leslie speakers can now be ordered from Keyboard Exchange International ! Keep in mind that these custom finishes take some extra time and cost more than a standard finish so allow about 90 days from the time you place your order until we can arrange delivery. Our new refinishing shop is doing the best work we have seen in years so if you are interested contact us today for more details! For the first time ever, your B3 can look as nice as your new grand piano!
Thank you to the members of Blythe Baptist church who had the idea that they wanted a Hammond organ with Leslie to be as beautiful as their grand piano! Keyboard Exchange International was commissioned to create this custom finished high gloss ebony Hammond C3 with matching Leslie 122. This is one of the more beautiful stage arrangements that we have seen! Our compliments to the church members who imagined this arrangement!

We are pleased to share this testimonal from Blythe Baptist Church. Thank you!

Hammond B3 Organ at Good News Church
Jim Huss of Keyboard Exchange International says "Thank you for your business Pastor Kim and members of the Good News Church! We wish you many years musical blessings from the B3 with Leslie that we shipped recently to your church in Korea" The pictured B3 arrived safely and is now being enjoyed. Keyboard Exchange International will ship anywhere in the world and will also convert for your electrical system. 40 plus years experience makes Keyboard Exchange International the logical choice if you are considering the purchase of a Hammond B3.
Customer Testimonial
"Well, once and a great while, you experience something so enjoyable that you must tell as many people as you can. So here's one that will restore your faith in how a business transaction can be"

Check out customer and friend Ron Artis!

Leslie Speakers - New and Used
Save Money on Hammond Organs
Compare Hammond B-3, C-3 and A-100 Model Organs

VP Rodney Huss is working hard on getting another shipment of Hammond organs ready!

Great Selection of
Hammond Organs and Leslie Speakers!

Hammond Organ Showroom

Keyboard Exchange International - Sanford, Florida
The home of many fine used Hammond organs!
After 25 years in our Orlando location, we are pleased to announce our move to Sanford Florida ! We are now in the downtown Historic district of Sanford Florida, and are very excited to be a part of the revitalization of this wonderful and historic city. We are still close to Orlando about half way between Orlando and Daytona Beach only a short distance from I-4 . We are VERY easy to find. There are many nice shops and places for dining within walking distance. There is a beautiful waterfront area for a stroll after you check out our Hammond's and Leslie's so plan to spend some extra time enjoying the city of Sanford.

We are expanding our products and services to include:
  • Sales and rentals of Hammond organs and Leslie speakers.
  • Lease to own with one dollar buy out at lease end
  • Total Hammond organ restoration of YOUR Hammond organ and Leslie speaker or trade in your old equipment and start fresh!
  • Hammond organ service for B3, C3, A-100 and the other most popular models
  • Export, nationwide delivery and pick up...your location is NOT a problem for us.
  • FREE Expert advise when you are considering a repair, replacement, or restoration.
  • Value priced used/reconditioned church organs for your church, home or professional use
Call ahead for an appointment or email B3buyer@aol.com We look forward to being of service to you!

Hammond Organ Restoration Specialists

Purchase a restored Hammond organ, trade in your old Hammond organ, or have us restore your Hammond organ and Leslie speaker in our shop. Email us at b3buyer@aol.com for more details.

Buying a restored Hammond B3, C3 or A-100 organ with Leslie has never be easier!
Keyboard Exchange International is only 10 minutes from the Orlando Sanford Airport! 50 non stop direct flight, from US cities arrive in Sanford! You can make an appointment with us, fly in, and visit our shop to make your Hammond/Leslie selection before proceeding to other Central Florida locations. Allegiant Airlines fly's into Sanford. South West Airlines fly's into the larger Orlando International airport which is about 45 minutes from Keyboard Exchange in Sanford.

Does your church need a Hammond organ with Leslie for that B3 sound?
Guaranteed financing available for COGIC, AME, MBC and some other church denominations. These church groups, due to their rich and long term heritage are pre-approved for at least one of our eight funding or lease to own programs! If you want your denomination added to our pre-approved list, contact us for more details. Spread the Word and this great news ! Contact: Jim Huss b3buyer@aol.com

KEI News
Lowest Cost Assured! Posted on March 23 2015
LOWEST COST ASSURED! One of our primary goals at Keyboard Exchange International is to provide the lowest annual cost to our customers for the restored Hammond organs and Leslie speakers that they purchase or lease from us. We accomplish this, while at the same time providing a musical instrument that sounds as good, and often better, than when it was new! How do we do this? We take a dedicated approach during our restoration process to insure long term reliability as well as outstanding audio quality. Many new parts are installed into our equipment. These parts are not individually expensive as is the case with most electronic parts, ESPECIALLY when compared to replacing them one at a time as they fail! Therefore as part of our philosophy we proactively replace the parts that we know have aged and are prone to failure, after 50 years. This eliminates and minimizes costly future service calls.

Other resellers only "inspect" the old parts believing that if they are not obviously burn out, they are OK to resell as is. They forget, or don’t know, that old electronic parts degrade over time causing them to lose power and clarity. Other resellers will try to tell you that restoration is not necessary on a 50 or 60 year old electronic piece of equipment, and that restoration is not necessary because it is too expensive. WHAT????? PLEASE believe... that 50 year old electronic equipment requires proper restoration if you wish to have reliability and great sound. Some resellers simply are not willing to do the work, do not know how, or do not understand the importance of restoration. They subject you to the probability of higher costs of repairs and breakdowns. People...it remains as true as the day it was first said……we get what we pay for. If you are looking for the best value for your money, you have come to the right place.....eyboard Exchange International
Question from Potential Client Posted on February 12 2015
I'm looking to buy a C3. Can you give me a break down on the tone differences or internal electronic components used differently from the earlier years to the later years?

Reply from Jim Huss at Keyboard Exchange International
Your question is an interesting one and my reply to you is now different that it would have been 10 years ago. My old reply would have been.....buy the newer years from 1965 to 1974 as they are brighter and crisper. The years prior tended to have a somewhat "dull" sound in comparison.

My more up to date reply is:
Hammond B3 and C3 models were manufactured from 1955 to 1974 an amazing 20 year production run! We break this down into two agecatagories which could be titled 1) Pre-foam 2) Foam installed by facotry Hammond C3 and B3 organs from 1965 to 1974 have a brighter sound HOWEVER, they also have factory installed foam in the keyboards which MUST be removed to prevent damages from chemical reaction with keyboard wires. Once this modification is done correctly, then problems can be eliminated, assuming so serious damage has already occurred.

Hammond C3 and B3 organs from 1955 to 1964.5 tend to have a dull sound in comparison UNLESS the parts that create this dull sound are replaced with New parts thus eliminating this problem...... which is mainly age related. Each age category group can be considered of equal quality and the enjoyment and longevity of the specific instrument is a factor of condition, and quality of the restoration. Each age group has its own specific issues and requirements for a proper restoration. Also the Leslie selected should be matched appropriately and even the tweeter speaker in the Leslie should be selected in accordance with the type of sound the musician requires or prefers. There are so many potential variables that it is best to select an instrument by playing them in the same place, at the same time, to compare side by side in the same acoustical setting. Listening to any one organ in isolation will be misleading and even a damaged, unrestored instrument will sound OK or even very good, to the untrained ear.
Question from Potential Client Posted on February 12 2015
Recently I was asked this direct question "Is Keyboard Exchange International the cheapest source of tone wheel Hammond organs and Leslie speakers?"

In that I always make my best effort to give accurate information I had to say no......and I added that it is not our goal to be the "cheapest" provider of the products we sell. I went on to add that in the long term, we most likely are the cheapest source of these products due to the effort we invest in restoration, labor and parts but the up front costs will not always appear to be the cheapest.

I wish I had been better prepared to reply to this potential customers question. Now, upon reflection, I will try to clarify my own thoughts with a written explanation of the Keyboard Exchange International policy regarding our prices.

Our goal is to provide the best long term value to our customers for the restored products we sell. This may well provide the cheapest annual cost to our customers. This may not always be the lowest price available compared to other sellers who do not attempt to do a proper restoration and do not have 46 years of experience. If our prices appear to be somewhat higher than others you see or hear about, ask yourself if price is your only consideration, or if long term reliability, world class sound, and outstanding customer support are also of interest to you. In that a properly restored instrument can last decades, a proper restoration should be considered an investment in our opinion.

I am attempting to be both polite and clear when I say it is not our goal to be the cheapest provider of the restored products we sell. It is however our goal to provide the best possible product, service, financing and long term value to our customers. I trust that most people will both understand this and respect this point of view. If you agree with this position, we look forward to being of service to you!
Customer Testimonial Posted on November 1 2014
It was thanks to the comprehensive assistance and advice of Keyboard Exchange International that I finally had the confidence to purchase an original B3 from the USA. It will be something that I treasure for many years to come.

I'll also say that If anyone else in the UK or Europe has any questions about obtaining one of these instruments from Keyboard Exchange International, I'd be happy to advise.

Thanks again to Jim and his colleagues, Chris
Please take the time to read the full testimonial!!!
From the desk of Jim Huss Posted on September 21 2014
Today we added 5 new additions to our inventory page with short videos featuring Randolph Carter playing these fine, restored instruments. Listen to all 5 and read about their various features and let us know which one suits you best. We will be adding more in the coming days so stay tuned AND if you do not see the exact instrument that is perfect for you, send us an email describing the Hammond of YOUR dreams. We have many more instruments in stock and just maybe the perfect Hammond with Leslie for you!
B3 arrives in Israel! Posted on August 21 2014
Customer Testimonal
My name is Adi, a musician (and obviously a Hammond fanatic) from Israel. Just couple of days ago I received my Hammond B3 + Leslie 122 from KEI, and thought I'd say a few words here: Forget the organ itself for a minute (it's amazing to a level I don't even have the right words to describe it, believe me...), because I want to talk about the service I got from KEI: right from the beginning when I was just confused, shooting countless questions at Mr Jim Huss, somehow Jim has managed to calm me down and gain confidence in my decision to go for KEI. The attention to details, endless patience to my repeating nagging, the vast knowhow, and not to mention the endless love for vintage Hammonds, all those left me speechless, every single time. I can't remember getting such a service ANYWHERE.....Reaching a point where you trust someone on the other side of the globe, to make your dream come true, c'mon guys...this is not trivial. Not one bit!. But they did. And the organ itself....oh my God....heavenly!!! Keyboard Exchange International.....you certainly made a fan out of me. Keep up the amazing work you do....for the sake of all of us, Hammond lovers!
Original Post by Author on Facebook
Great News for Churches! Posted on June 5 2014
Keyboard Exchange International will soon be offering a NEW.... RENT with option to buy program. This pilot program will be only for churches within 100 miles of our Sanford store to start but this range may expand after the pilot program expires. We are looking for churches who wish to experience the wonder of having a great sounding Hammond B3 or similar model with Leslie who are not yet ready to make the committment to a lease to own or rent to own program. The "Rent with option to buy plan allows a church to ease into owner ship or to enjoy the benefits of rental equipment with complete service warranty which is a component of the new program. This will be our eighth funding option on our list of payment options so we hope that there is now no reason for you to delay in acquiring a restored Hammond with Leslie for your church. Some say that without that Hammond, Leslie sound......it is just not church for them! Contact us today. This is a limited offered. Late comers to this promotion may need to be added to a waiting list but we will find a way to make this happen for you!
Attention Organists, and Pastors! Posted on April 21 2014
We are noticing a new "trend" within the church community and church musicians, and pastors. A church musician, and pastor will normally understand the importance of having a great sounding Hammond with Leslie speaker available to enhance the worship experience. They understand what some people have been telling us many times over the years that in many denominations, church is simply not church without a Hammond with Leslie! The sound has become customary and a tradition over the decades. Even modern day Christian music or contemporary praise music can sound hollow without the Hammond with Leslie.

The musician knows, understands and feels this, as well as many pastors, but sadly church committees often are too over burdened with other church responsibilities to grasp the importance of a proper musical equipment. Organists and pastors can remain frustrated long term while committees meet and establish priorities and put them ahead of musical equipment. Kudos to the committees that do understand but to be fair other items can get in the way.

This is why many pastors and even musicians are taking the bull by the horns themselves and buying a Hammond and Leslie from us. Once the organ is installed into the church it will soon become obvious that it was a good idea to obtain one. If a musician buys the organ then he or she will be just like the guitar player and bass players who generally provide their own musical equipment. If the musician leaves the church to accept a new position elsewhere, then the organ will go with them. It is their own personally owned equipment. It seems like a smart idea for a talented musician to own his own Hammond AND now that the prices are so much lower than in the past, this is possible when combined with some creative, zero interest financing.

We could go on for pages about the wisdom of an organist or pastor owning their own musical equipment and specifically the Hammond with Leslie. It is practical. (Some churches have reduced the musicians salary to pay for the organ! You might as well buy it yourself!

If you are a musician ask yourself "Would my services be more valuable and better appreciated if I show up with my own Hammond and Leslie?) This is like a career decision. Some musicians and pastors are not concerned about personal ownership of the equipment but will buy the equipment on their own and donate to their church. There are many ways to get something accomplished for people of good will and intent.

If your church needs a Hammond with Leslie, or already has one that needs restoration, contact us to discuss the many creative ways that Keyboard Exchange International can help you accomplish this worthwhile goal.
Church Financing! Posted on February 26 2014
Does your church need a Hammond organ with Leslie for that B3 sound? Guaranteed financing available for COGIC, AME, MBC and some other church denominations. These church groups, due to their rich and long term heritage are pre-approved for at least one of our eight funding or lease to own programs! If you want your denomination added to our pre-approved list, contact us for more details. Spread the Word and this great news ! Contact: Jim Huss B3buyer@aol.com
Thank you! Posted on February 11 2014
Thank you to the many churches who have financed their equipment with Keyboard Exchange International with ZERO interest! Now we are often sending PAID IN FULL receipts to you so you have clear title and clear ownership to the equipment you purchased. Each time we send out PAID IN FULL receipts we are reminded that we worked together with you to make something good happen for your church. Now you can use Keyboard Exchange International as one of your credit references. Your faithful payments have also been good for us so please accept our heart felt gratitude. Additionally, your faithfulness and on time payments have made it easier for other churches to be accepted for our in house financing programs. We firmly believe that every church who wants a restored Hammond Organ with Leslie be given the opportunity! Please review our many financing options available to churches and select the one that you prefer.
Great News! Posted on January 29 2014
GREAT NEWS to report today! Due to the amazing generosity of a Chicago family, a mint condition Hammond BV with HR-40 speaker has been given to the Woods family! You may recall from a previous news blast that family with three young, pre-teen boys, (triplets) in the Chicago area, loved to play the Hammond organ at their church. They hoped to find one to be able to practice at home. Another family in their area, upon learning of this need, decided to give the boys a gift of music that the Woods family so appreciates! More news to follow with pictures as soon as the organ can be moved into the Woods home from the home of the donor. To the family who was willing to provide this gift, we at Keyboard Exchange International say THANK YOU and applaud your generosity and spirit of giving! Please know you have made another family VERY happy and may your lives be enriched in ways beyond all you can imagine. The world needs more good news and you have lifted our spirits today!
Why Buy From Us? Posted on January 12 2014
Why buy from Keyboard Exchange International? The short version… Great sounding Hammonds and Leslies fairly priced! For those of you who require more details………

  1. Convenience is one of the best reasons to do business with KEI. Organs and Leslies are properly restored to give long term enjoyment and reliability. Choose from dozens of instruments that are set up on our showroom ready for delivery! Choose the sound, the look, and the terms you require. No other Hammond seller offers more convenience! The electrical wiring in our organs is updated to be safe and compliant with modern day standards. This adds only modestly to the cost but safety is priceless. Buy with confidence even if you cannot visit in person. Many of our customers make purchase decisions from pictures, videos, based on our excellent reputation.

  2. Value is based on price, quality, service, and long term reliability. Cost per year over the next decade will be lower than any other source, in our opinion. Our business philosophy is to acquire a 50 or 60 year old instrument, and prepare it for the next 50 years by replacing and upgrading parts that have deteriorated over time. Thousands of Hammonds have passed through our shop over the years so our experience assures our customers a positive outcome.

  3. Terms Keyboard Exchange International is the ONLY Hammond seller that allows you to select your own payment terms and often with ZERO interest! Banks, Credit Unions, Credit cards offer their services at a premium. Keyboard Exchange International is sometimes able to bypass the banks and deal directly with our customers with customized financing terms not available from any institution or retail establishment known to us. We want people and churches to be able to afford a Hammond organ with Leslie and we can make it happen!

  4. Knowledge and Experience. Allow yourself to benefit from decades of accumulated experience and knowledge accumulated by the staff of KEI. Three generations of the Huss family are still working together and three generations of Hammond technicians have also associated with KEI. Jim Huss, founder of Keyboard Exchange International is now 45 years in business and preparing younger staff members to carry forward to serve our customers in the years to come.

  5. Price. We understand that we must be competitive in the market. We offer a wide range of prices to suit most budgets. We do not claim to be the lowest price seller of Hammonds and Leslies. We do claim however to offer the best value. You can always find a lower price in a garage or thrift store. If you stumble upon a bargain consider bringing it to us for restoration. We gladly offer our restoration services and can provide written quotes as requested. Currently internal restoration of Hammond B3 or C3 is $2,950 and Leslie is $1,275 as a reference.

  6. Friendly Service! We enjoy working with and for our customers! We enjoy the work we do and the products that we sell. Therefore is not difficult to enjoy meeting with you, discussing your musical needs on the phone or by email, and helping you select the best instrument for your needs based on your requirements and budget.

  7. Service after the sale! We ship Hammonds and Leslies worldwide. They must be reliable for our customers everywhere. When an adjustment or repair is needed we have the ability to help walk you through what must be done to make the organ play correctly again. We stock the parts, we have the knowledge and experience and we are connected to a worldwide network of musical instrument technicians to be of service to you. Our techs are also willing to travel to assist our customers!
Thank you Dennis Z! Posted on December 28 2013

Our good buddy Dennis Z and his Hammond B3 (purchased from Keyboard Exchange International) with a pair of Leslies speakers is being featured on our web site as an example of what it takes to improve one's playing skills! Practice, Practice, Practice! Dennis, a lifelong professional musician (as a drummer) wanted to perfect his keyboard playing skills and fulfill his lifelong dreams of finding the perfect sounding Hammond B3 organ. He has reached his goal and plays his B3 every day! Keyboard Exchange International delivered his B3 to Pennsylvania, between some of the worse snow storms that area had ever seen! The organ and one Leslie were moved between snow banks to get into his house. A second Leslie was delivered at a later date with great results and what has transpired over the ensuing years has been an interesting story!

We will give you the short version here but in a nut shell tell you that Dennis is a purest! He practices hours each day and listens to every subtle detail of his instrument. He has added some of the most popular options to his B3 like reverb and string bass as well as the second Leslie. More recently, experimenting with NOS vintage tubes, Dennis has achieved refinements to his sound which we will report to you at a later time. For now we would like to say THANK YOU to Dennis for reporting his findings to us so that we can offer our customers the benefits of his research. Needless to say, this professional musician has be able to do what many of us would like to do, spend the time necessary to refine our musical skills and find the "perfect sound"! More later!
Certified Foam Free Posted on April 15 2013
You will see "CERTIFIED FOAM FREE" in some of the descriptions of our instruments on our Inventory page. You will also see a label on the front of each organ that says "Certified Foam Free" and you may wonder,"what does this mean?"

During the last 9 years of factory B3 and C3 production, foam strips were substituted for felt in the keyboards as a dust inhibitor. However, over the years the cheaper foam can decompose and chemically react with the fine wires that carry the tonal frequencies from the keyboards to the preamp and then on to the Leslie. This does not always happen, but it CAN happen and this is VERY bad. A musician expects to hear all the notes and tones he is playing, not a percentage of the tones that should be heard. What is worse is that the problem only gets worse over time until the organ potentially becomes worthless without major repair and expense.

Keyboard Exchange International, having observed and recognized this issue, is making the effort to remove factory installed foam from each and every organ that we restore! The reason this is important to us and our customers both, is that the foam will never be a future issue in organs purchased or restored by Keyboard Exchange International.

Organs from 1965 to 1974 do tend to sound brighter, crisper, and clearer due to factory refinements. A musician should not need to choose reliability over tonal preferences. Keyboard Exchange International has solved this problem! Consider this when you make a long term investment in a vintage Hammond organ and only buy an instrument that has been certified foam free by a reputable business.

For more technical references Google "Hammond+Foam" or contact Keyboard Exchange International for restoration and preventative maintenance quotes.
Customer Feedback Posted on October 12 2012
Jim Huss, president of Keyboard Exchange says, "Our team at Keyboard Exchange International has recently received wonderful feed back from our customers and I would like to share these comments with our staff and potential customers. I would also add that we really appreciate these customers who took the time to write and let us know they were pleased with our efforts. The comments are a huge reward to us!

As president of Keyboard Exchange International I have to give the credit for these complements to members of the team we have developed over the years....technicians, craftsmen, musicians, professional movers and shipping companies. We have shipped organs all over the world without any problems. I would also like to extend my sincere appreciation to my son, Rodney Huss, Vice President of Keyboard Exchange, for the tireless efforts he extends to help make all the pieces come together from pick up, restoration, packing for export when needed, and personal delivery to locations through out the USA. Regardless of your location, Rodney will make sure your equipment arrives safely!"

Here are some direct quotes received within the last month.........

Oct 11, 2012
Hello Jim. We received the organ last night and I am still amazed by sound and appearance of both the organ and Leslie. I had a friend come to the service tonight who is also a player, and he, as well as the entire church, are very satisfied with the quality instrument we have purchased from you. Thank you for making purchase an easy one and helping us acquire such a fine organ......thanks again Chris.

Oct 8, 2012
Hi Jim, I received the organ it is better than I expected, I am very pleased. Thanks to you an your staff Job well done. Kind regards Joseph. Cayman Islands

Oct 3, 2012
Hey jim, First of all, amazing!!!!! thats all i can say! (referring to restoration of his B3 with Leslie 122) Tori H (Comment from Jim......Tori owned this B3 with Leslie for years and did not realize its full potential prior to restoration. Thank YOU Tori for your business and the trust you put in us to restore your B3 ! We hope it serves you well in your studio for many years to come!)

Aug 3, 2012
Good Afternoon, Jim! Thank you so much for the B3 Update & Progress Report! We appreciate your professionalism, on every front and it is such a pleasure doing business with you! We hope you will be having a happy weekend, and we look forward to hearing from you, again, next week. Thanks, Again, Jim for keeping us "in-the-loop," and for everything! M&M, California (foot note....organ and Leslie were crated, delivered and uncrated at customers home Aug 20, by our movers....perfect delivery! )
Customer Testimonial Posted on February 1 2012
Jim & Rodney: Thank you so much for the recent organ purchase experience. I feel fortunate to have discovered Keyboard Exchange International (KEI) in Sanford, FL, so close to home. I like the '1-stop shop' concept you offer (purchase, repair, restoration, service, upgrades, lifecycle support of all things organs & Leslie cabinets, organ lessons, advice, & friendship). I especially appreciate how cooperative & easy-going your 'just-right' salesmanship is. I never felt pressured or disregarded. I think that your business-model works well.

Organ Purchase Experience: You should know that I chose to buy from you primarily because KEI is a reputable, full-service organ source who stands behind the deal. When I looked at organs from various sources, the price range seemed inexplicably wide, with some examples of direct sales from individuals seeming 'too good to be true' when compared to the prices from established dealers. But when I thought through the scenario from a 'total ownership cost' perspective, I realized that going with KEI was actually the best bargain. You get what you pay for in life... To Continue Reading
On Site Restoration Services Posted on June 6 2011
ON SITE restoration services now available for and at your church ! Keyboard Exchange International technicians can restore your old Hammond organ and Leslie speaker right at your church! No need to replace everything IF you already have a good model, worthy of restoration. Save shipping costs ! We will come to you ! Here is how it works.....

1) Send us detailed pictures of your equipment so we can see exactly what you have and so we will know what parts to provide.

2) Compare on site restoration with trading in your existing equipment, to see which of our programs will best suit your needs. Depending on the model and condition of your equipment, it will sometimes be better to trade in and replace what you have. Other times, after our review, it may be very practical and cost effective for us to restore your current equipment and do some upgrades... building on what you already have. We will ship you the needed parts and one of our experienced and highly qualified technicians will come to your location to restore your equipment using many new parts. You will benefit from our 41 years of experience where we have had thousands of Hammonds and Leslies flow through our shop.

3) Remote locations.........we are willing to travel to you and solve your Hammond and Leslie problems. We ship worldwide !
Customer Report Posted on April 5 2007
"I have dealt with a lot of organ players all over the US and all of them have said that if I ever need anything Hammond that the ‘B3 guys on Orlando’ are the people to deal with. That they are fair and reputable and will never give you a bad deal. I have to agree wholeheartedly and you now have someone new singing your praise. Anything that I need, I will get from you in the future. Sincerely Dan"

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