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Church Organs

Church Organ - Hammond B3 organ Church Organs Church Organs

including the Hammond B3 Organ,
Hammond C3 Organ and Hammond D-152 Organ
Available from Keyboard Exchange International

If you are considering buying a used church organ for your church, or home you have come to the right place! We can help you! First let us start with a few facts and statements that will help you employ the best principles of wise stewardship as you consider your options.
Hammond C3
Hammond C3 Organ

  1. ALL Stradivarius violins are "used" vintage instruments and every world class violinist will tell you of its quality and value without hesitation. This fact may help you get past any stigma that could be attached buying something that is not new. If you were on a quest for the best violin in the world, you would not concern yourself with the term "used violin." The real challenge would be fining one, and then have it properly restored by an expert in that field. Therefore think of a finely restored, used or vintage Hammond organ as you might think of a Stradivarius.

  2. Not all violins are created equal and the same is true for used church organs. We must help you narrow your search for the specific used church organ that will best serve your needs and be a wise investment as well as the best sounding instrument. Bottom line, we believe we can provide you with superior value in a restored used church organ. We may even save you more by restoring your existing used church organ. We provide written options for your consideration and at no cost to you for our consultation.

  3. The Hammond organ company manufactured more than 100 different models of organs and some models were intended for home entertainment and not well suited for institutional church use. Some of the models they manufactured have stood the test of time and are suitable in a wide range of venues. Let's narrow it down to the specifics.

  4. The Hammond model B3 could be referred to easily as a used church organ however it could also easily be called the best jazz organ of all time, or the greatest organ for a rock and roll band, or the best quality used church organ of all time….. period. It is all of these things and more. However, the Hammond B3 may or may not be the best organ for your church and let me explain why. What most churches are looking for is what is often called the "B3 sound." The B3 sound is a combination of a Hammond B3 or similar model combined with a Leslie speaker. The Leslie speaker cannot be just any model Leslie speaker but the proper model. AND it needs to be properly matched to the organ. Some churches will prefer the model C3 which has the same sound as a B3 but has a different wood cabinet. The furniture is different and for ladies playing the organ, this furniture difference can be an advantage for purposes of modesty. Additionally the Hammond C3 model is generally priced lower than a Hammond B3 due to supply and demand factors. There are a few other models that will help you save money if you want the B3 sound but not the actual Hammond B3.
  5. Church Organs
    32 bass pedals manufactured to AGO standards (American Guild Of Organists) If you are sometimes frustrated with only 25 bass pedals then this is the instrument for you! These Hammonds and presets and drawbars and can even have MIDI installed.

  6. Some used church organs will have 32 bass pedals rather than the 25 bass pedal notes found on the Hammond B3 and C3. There are some rare Hammond models that have the internal workings of a Hammond B3 but that also have 32 bass pedals manufactured to AGO (American Guild of Organists) spacing standards. Therefore, a church could acquire a used church organ with 32 pedals but also have that B3 sound. One of these models is the Hammond organ model D-152......basically a used church organ with the heart of a B3 ! and the bass pedals of a fine pipe organ concave in shape. Ask us for more details of availability on these used church organs. This specific model could be very appropriate for your church if you have a classically trained musician who also wants the finest sounding Gospel B3 sound. You may also like this model if you are serious about saving money and want the best value for your money. One of these 32 pedal Hammond organs, with an original tone wheel generator, just like a B3, can be modernized with MIDI to play all the new voices available on the finest new organs! Amazing musical possibilities, amazing savings are possible, best value and wise stewardship all in one decision. Generally 32 bass pedals are not required for Gospel music but for classical and hymns it helps to have the 32 bass pedals especially if your organist was trained on this style bass pedal system. Therefore the D-152 model and a few other models may be an excellent addition to your church to replace your current outdated instrument or inappropriate model of used church organ.

  7. Experts at Keyboard Exchange International will help you assess the value of your current used church organ at no cost to you and provide you with a written statement of options. All that you need do is contact us and send us pictures of your existing equipment. Tell us the style of music currently being played in your worship service and any other details that you are interested in having us consider. You may have more than one used church organ to trade in. and that can help reduce your overall costs.
  8. Hammond B3 Organ
    #29 Custom Hammond B3 with two Leslies. This fine instrument available for rental in Central Florida or can be yours for $16,500

  9. We can help you determine the best route among replacing what you have, restoring what you have, trading in your old equipment or keeping your old equipment. We will start with helping you determine the potential of your existing equipment, or the trade in value. We can help you with your decision of weather a use church organ is appropriate for you or your church.
Contact us in the manner that is most convenient for you and thank you for reading this information about used church organs available at:

Keyboard Exchange International
221 S. Magnolia Ave.
Sanford, Fl 32771-1321
Email: B3buyer@aol.com